March 25, 2023

Commenting on the government council’s approval last Thursday of a resolution to extend the terms of office of members of the National Press Council for 6 months, the National University of Journalism demanded that the extension period be the beginning of the announcement of the date of the election and a written appeal to all interested parties in order to appoint their representative in the Committee on election observation.

The union, affiliated with the Moroccan Trade Union, said it “was the first to bring the expiration of the mandate period to the attention of the government, sending a letter to the trusteeship body in June last year urging council elections to be organized in a timely manner.” manner.”

It is noteworthy that the decision to extend, according to government spokesman Mustafa Baitas, was taken in order to ensure the normal course of the council in carrying out its tasks, especially with regard to issuing a national press card.

The mandate of the National Press Council, elected four years ago, expires next Wednesday, and the process of renewing its structures was not organized before the end of its term amid disagreements among its members.

Positions within the council differed among those who called for an extension without an election, given that Article 6 of the law governing the council stipulates that the term of office is set at 4 years, renewable once, while others believe that renewal is an illegal procedure. and that the one-time renewal of the mandate requires the mandatory organization of elections to renew the structures, while the members of the Council retain their right to stand for a new term.

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