June 4, 2023

The debate has been rekindled over the financial support that the government is giving to public transport professionals. The trade union bodies representing the taxi sector have sent a letter to the Minister of the Interior in this regard, asking for an urgent meeting.

The nine trade union bodies said in correspondence they sent to the interior minister the day before yesterday, Monday, that a large number of taxi professionals have not received the financial support that the government seeks to maintain citizens’ purchasing power. criticizing the lack of an official government interlocutor to discuss issues related to the subsidy.

The government has provided direct financial support of AED2,000 for large taxis and AED1,600 for second-class taxis, but trade unions representing professionals say most of them have not received support, although they met the required conditions.

Ahmed Saber, national writer for the National Syndicate of Taxi Professionals in Morocco, which is part of the General Union of Workers of Morocco, said in a statement to Hespress that 50 percent of professionals do not receive state support.

Although the government has repeatedly stressed that it is interested in getting support to deserving professionals, they complain that they have not received it, since Saber said that he personally did not receive any support for the past two months. despite the fulfillment of all conditions set by the government.

The same spokesman stated that the state subsidy for transport workers, approved by the government after the sharp rise in fuel prices, “is marred by a number of imbalances, as it benefits unworthy parties and non-professional parties”, and added, explaining: “ Support goes even to the owners of Internet cafes. This is due to the fact that a large number of professionals do not own computers, so they resort to the owners of “cybers” to enter their personal data. through an electronic platform created by the government, but some of them enter their bank account number, and thus the support reaches them, and does not reach the account of the professional application holder.”

On the other hand, it remains difficult for a number of professional drivers to apply for direct financial support, either due to the death of the taxi license holder or a dispute with him that prevents the user from obtaining the necessary documents to apply for support.

Trade unions representing professionals in the sector called on the Minister of the Interior to hold an urgent meeting to discuss problems related to government subsidies and other problems that plague the taxi sector, “in order to find realistic and suitable solutions.” to the constraints faced by professionals,” warning that “the professional situation has become alarming and warns of imminent congestion in the sector.”

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