December 2, 2022

“The intensification of urban transformation with the acceleration of large structural projects launched by King Mohammed VI, in addition to advanced regionalization and the launch of a new development model, imposes a new method of planning and implementing territorial projects,” said Fatma Zahra Al-Mansouri, Minister of National Preparation of Territories, Urbanization, housing and urban policy.

During a detailed introduction to the members of the Committee on Home Affairs, Local Government, Housing and Urban Policy in the House of Representatives of the main pillars and axes of the National Dialogue on Urbanization and Housing, the Minister explained that “the National Dialogue on Reconstruction and Housing is an opportunity for new positioning, to crystallize a roadmap for tomorrow’s Morocco under the slogan “Renewal, Motivation and Intimacy”.

The government official emphasized that “the national dialogue on urbanization and housing is an opportunity to exchange and exchange views, to evaluate achievements and efforts, raise concerns and win the socio-economic stake, and participate in governance in a national and international context in which cities are undergoing continuous transformation.”

Notably, more than 4,000 participants and participants participated in the regional consultative meetings, including representatives from relevant ministerial sectors, government agencies, elected officials, professionals, experts and representatives of civil society.

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