April 1, 2023

This Monday morning, the Royal Court of Justice issued a statement sharply criticizing the position of the Justice and Development Party regarding Morocco’s relations with Israel. The statement criticized “irresponsible abuses and dangerous misconceptions regarding relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the State of Israel and linked them to the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

In this regard, the Crown Court emphasized the following:

First: Morocco’s position on the Palestinian question is irreversible, and this is one of the foreign policy priorities of His Majesty the King, Commander of the Faithful and Chairman of the Committee on Jerusalem, which has placed it at the rank of the question of Palestine. territorial integrity of the Kingdom. This is Morocco’s firm principled position, which is not subject to political bargaining and narrow election campaigns.
Second, the foreign policy of the Kingdom is the prerogative of His Majesty the King, may God grant him victory, by virtue of the constitution, and he directs it based on national constants and the highest interests of the country, paramount of which are the issue of territorial integrity.
Third, the international relations of the Kingdom cannot be blackmailed by anyone, for anything, especially in these difficult international circumstances. Thus, the use of the Kingdom’s foreign policy for domestic political purposes constitutes a dangerous and unacceptable precedent.
Fourth, the resumption of relations between Morocco and Israel took place under known circumstances and in a context known to all, and formalized by the communiqué issued by the Royal Court on December 10, 2020, and the communiqué issued on the same day after the telephone conversation between His Majesty the King, God willing victory, and the President of Palestine, as well as the tripartite declaration of December 22, 2020, which was signed before His Majesty the King.

At that time, the statement said, the living forces of the nation, political parties, some leading figures and some association bodies dealing with the Palestinian cause were informed of this decision, as they expressed their involvement and commitment to it.

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