February 1, 2023
On Tuesday, the US Department of Justice accused Google, owned by Alphabet Inc., of abusing its dominant position in digital advertising by threatening to liquidate a key company behind one of Silicon Valley’s most successful internet companies. in 2021, but also plays a vital role in the company’s search engine and overall sales.

“Google used illegal, exclusionary and anti-competitive means to eliminate or seriously reduce any threat to its dominance in digital advertising technologies,” the antitrust law complaint says.

Google, whose advertising business generates about 80 percent of its revenue, said the government “continues to make misguided arguments that will slow innovation, drive up ad fees, and hamper the growth of thousands of small businesses and publishers.”

The federal government has said its investigations and lawsuits into the tech giants are designed to make way for smaller competitors to a group of powerful companies that includes Amazon.com and Facebook owner Meta Platforms and Apple.

The lawsuit, filed by Democratic President Joe Biden’s administration on Tuesday, follows an antitrust lawsuit filed in 2020 against Google during former President Donald Trump’s presidency.

The 2020 lawsuit alleges that antitrust violations were committed by a company that achieved or retained its dominant position through its monopoly on internet search, and the trial is due to begin in September.

Eight states joined the lawsuit, filed on Tuesday, including California, where Google is headquartered.

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