March 28, 2023
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Ibrahim Al-Hafedun of SettatSunday October 2, 2022 – 05:15 PM

Today, Sunday, the curtain fell on a blood donation campaign in the center of Sidi Al Aidi, north of the city of Settat, organized by the Moroccan Blood Donor Association – an affiliate of the Ibn Ahmed branch, in consultation with the Regional Health Delegate in the capital of Shaoui, the local health facility and Sidi Al Aidi Territorial Collective Council to increase the supply of blood in the blood bank in the Casablanca – Settat region.

Hasna Hanani, president of the Moroccan Blood Donor Association – Ibn Ahmed Branch, said in a statement to Hespress: “The idea of ​​voluntary blood donation arose from the goals of the association, which is working diligently to organize similar campaigns around the world. kingdom in order to increase the supply of the blood bank, which is known to be experiencing a growing shortage due to the constant need for this vital material to save the lives of a number of patients or victims of various accidents.

The head of the Blood Donor Association explained that the campaign, organized at the end of the week, was aimed at donors from rural areas to raise awareness of the importance of donation and increase blood supplies, whether in the region. or in the Casablanca-Settat region, where there was a distinct participation of volunteers who donated blood, justifying this by the amount of this vital material during the last two days of the volunteer campaign.

Hasna Hanani concluded her statement of the association’s intention to organize similar campaigns, whether in the province of Settat or in the rest of Morocco, in line with its main goals, by quoting the Almighty’s statement in verse 32 of Surah Al-Maida: “…and who will save her life He seems to have saved all people. Council of Sidi Al-Aidi for material and moral support for the success of this voluntary activity.

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