November 29, 2022
Many users of the WhatsApp instant communication application are faced with the problem of quickly deleting messages by mistake, and it becomes almost impossible to restore them.

According to news reports, this problem will soon become a part of the past for WhatsApp users. WaBetaInfo, which monitors the popular instant messaging app, said WhatsApp is currently beta testing a feature that allows users to recover messages they delete by mistake.

He said that the test is currently focused on the trial version of Android phones. He later said that he noticed this feature in the beta version of phones running the “iOS” operating system, that is, in “iPhone” phones.

This development came after the information about the intention of the WhatsApp company Meta, which owns WhatsApp, to launch such a feature some time ago. There are conditions for using this function, it is limited to the number of seconds, and the recovery depends on the choice of the type of deletion before it is completed. And the site posted a screenshot showing a small bar that will appear in the interface of the application after it is deleted, which says “Undo deleted messages for me”, and in the delete option, the function will not be available to everyone. If this bar disappears, the user will not be able to recover deleted messages. It’s not yet clear when this feature will be live, but the site says it could happen in the near future.

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