June 8, 2023

Will the prosecutor’s office launch an investigation into the sale of MP Ahmed Al-Haidawi from the National Association of Independents party? Tickets for the Moroccan vs. France World Cup match in Qatar? This question arises because, so far, the prosecutor’s office has not announced the opening of an investigation against the parliamentarian concerned, who traveled to Qatar to attend meetings of the national team before an audio recording attributed to him was leaked, showing that he sold tickets for 6,000 dirhams per ticket. .

The worried parliamentarian did not deny the authenticity of the audio recording, but denied that he had exchanged the tickets distributed by the Royal Moroccan Football Federation for free.
He said he spent 60 million centimeters from his pocket to live in Qatar. According to sources, the parliamentarian concerned took over the accommodation of a group of his friends and may have been trying to sell tickets to cover living expenses.
The call indicates that negotiations are under way between Al-Haidawi and the person who apparently recorded the call to buy two tickets, and that the parliamentarian has set a price of 12,000 dirhams for both tickets.
According to sources, the Royal Football University has launched an investigation into the matter, but prosecutors are expected to hear from parliamentarian Al-Haidawi in this case, which has caused controversy and affected Morocco’s image.

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