February 8, 2023

Morocco’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hakim El-Khajoui, said the time had come for the partnership between Morocco and the United Kingdom to enter a new, bolder and more sustainable phase.

Al-Hijwi stressed in an article for the Daily Telegraph that the UK is looking to diversify its sources of energy supply and there is huge scope for a significant increase in cooperation with Morocco.

He noted that Morocco has been preparing the field for decades to harness the wealth of its solar and wind resources, explaining that through unprecedented investment in clean energy platforms and decarbonized industries, 40 percent of Moroccan energy comes from renewable energy sources with the goal of reaching 80 percent of energy. Horizon 2050.

He noted that even before the cost of living crisis, the British government had made energy security a national priority, noting that London’s ambitious energy security strategy promises to cut gas consumption by more than 40 per cent by 2030. wind energy production and increased electricity generation Low carbon emissions.

The Moroccan ambassador said the two countries could raise awareness of the vital importance of cooperation to achieve energy security, “while respecting our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our commitment to low-carbon electricity generation.”

He stressed that moves towards a clean and green economy in Morocco have accelerated, highlighting that His Majesty King Mohammed VI has recently focused on investment in green hydrogen by approving an exceptional $13 billion program in favor of green industry and renewable energy.

He explained that the project launched by the OCP group will ensure that all of its industrial facilities are powered exclusively by renewable energy by 2027, noting that fertilizer production capacity will increase from 12 million tons today to 20 million tons by 2027. .

He noted that the investment aims to cover the entire country, from solar complexes in the cities of Benquerir and Khouribga in central Morocco to green ammonia projects near Tarfaya, passing through wind and solar installations in the southern provinces.

The Moroccan Ambassador emphasized that the southern provinces are viewed by international investors as one of the three most competitive regions in the world in terms of renewable energy production, adding that Dakhla, for example, is located in one of the most wind-ventilated corridors, benefiting from an exceptional solar energy offer.

He said the UK could seize the opportunities and tailor joint projects and investments in solar and wind energy that are profitable, as well as in green industry, in a way that would produce competitive and cleaner energy for the two countries, as well as create opportunities for fraud. and economic development.

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