December 4, 2022

The House of Representatives approved in plenary session on Thursday evening by a majority vote the first part of the fiscal year 2023 finance bill, as amended.

The first part of the bill was supported by 180 deputies, against 70, while not a single deputy abstained from voting.

The number of amendments proposed by the government and the majority and opposition teams to the first part of the finance bill was 210 amendments.

These amendments were distributed by measure, into 47 customs amendments (13 for the opposition, 8 for the government, 9 for the socialist team, 13 for the majority and 4 for the united socialists), of which 142 tax amendments, 42 for the opposition without a socialist team, 01 for government, 21 for the majority team, 52 for the socialist team, 19 for the federation of the left, and 7 for the united socialists. Various amendments were also submitted, for a total of 21 amendments.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Finance and Economic Development Committee approved the first part of the bill on finances by a majority of votes.

Tomorrow, Friday morning, the House of Representatives will hold a plenary session dedicated to presenting the reports of the committees on subbudgets, discussing and voting on the second part of the finance bill and on the entire project.

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