February 1, 2023

On Friday and Saturday, the second and third rounds of Saudi Arabia of the ninth season of the Diriyah Core e-Prix Championship 2023, organized and sponsored by the Ministry of Sports and the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, kick off in Diriyah province.

Diriyah will witness the Diriyah Core Races 2023 second leg competition with 22 riders representing 11 international teams on the 2.495 km Diriyah track with 21 turns.

The second leg of the ninth season of Core Diriyah 2023 will begin with two night runs, with third-generation cars entering the ABB Formula E World Championship for the first time, in addition to the McLaren NEOM. command.


Racers will drive 33 laps, more than 45 minutes, in one lap, in a carnival atmosphere of celebrations and accompanying artistic and lyrical events. The races will highlight the artistic aspect of the championship, as international musical tunes will be mixed with folklore at the historical tourist sites in Diriyah, at night under floodlights using low-power LED technology, so that a large audience will sing with gigantic artistic sounds. and the climate will be moderately hot and cold.

In this regard, the Organizing Committee of Diriyah Core Race 2023 gave a pleasant surprise to music and art lovers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by announcing the participation of a group of singing stars in international concerts to be organized on the sidelines of the second and third tours of Diriyah. The Diriyah Core ePrix 2023 backstage concerts are different in that they are organized by a company (Middle Beast) that aims to develop the regional music scene through concerts and art events.

In the same context, Egyptian star Mahmoud Al-Oseily prepares to ignite the enthusiasm of the masses at the Diriyah Formula E round on Friday, January 27, in the first paragraph at exactly six o’clock that precedes the first round. competitions by submitting his most famous works of art, while he will participate after the end of tours at 9:15 am American singing star Miguel, while the international singer hopes to have his name engraved in gold letters in Saudi Arabia to increase his fame. which he achieved with a group of outstanding songs, in addition to international DJ star Martin Garrix and interactive music creator (DJ) Lush.

Egyptian artist Mohamed Hamaki will also take part in the opening of the second round events at 6 pm on Saturday, January 28th. Regarding the ninth and fourth final paragraph of Core Diriyah. Tour 2023, international singer John Legend, American singer, French Montana will take part in concerts, and “Montana” enjoys musical success that combines the intensity of words and fast rhythms, as part of the activities of the final paragraph, which will feature various musical arts, which will be featured by the most prominent DJ stars) such as musician Danny Bogari through the most beautiful musical connections.

Cours Diriyah E Pri Tours has already achieved great success in terms of races and results on the one hand and musical and lyrical events on the other hand, with attendances of tens of thousands of spectators from venues and millions of viewers on local and international television screens.

Large audiences from all over the kingdom and the world will enjoy exciting concerts presented by the world’s most famous DJs, light shows using laser technology and fireworks (UNESCO).

Notably, the ABB Formula E World Championship began its journey from the southern part of the North American continent, driving from Mexico to Diria in very portable cars to compete in the world’s most famous clean energy racing, and after completing two rounds, Diria will pass the next round in the Indian city of Hyderabad in (February) next February, and in the same month the championship will move to Cape Town, South Africa, after which there will be a tour between Brazil, Germany, Monaco, Indonesia, the United States of America, Italy, and then the UK will be its last stop.

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