February 1, 2023

Awatif Khiyar, Minister of Solidarity, Social Inclusion and Family, called for addressing the issue of equality between women and men through a cultural approach, by spreading a culture of equality and combating stereotypes about women in society. This was during the discussion of the sub-budget of the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Inclusion and Family today, Tuesday, November 29, in the Committee on Education, Culture and Social Affairs of the Council of Advisors.

Khiyar mentioned “the controversy that Moroccan society has about women. On the one hand, we have social values ​​that support women, and on the other hand, we need to address the issue of equality between women and men.” considering that the situation of women in Morocco is better than in other countries.

Khayyar emphasized the need to address the issue of equality between women and men at the level of rights, adding, “If we don’t address this issue culturally, we won’t get far”, calling for greater awareness and awareness of the importance of equality. .

The Minister of Solidarity, Social Inclusion and Family also noted that the Moroccan constitution guarantees equality between men and women, which requires everyone to contribute to its implementation.

On the other hand, the same official touched upon the government’s efforts to promote people with disabilities, noting that 200 positions have been allocated for this category in the finance bill.

Hayyar said the government is in the process of revising the eligibility criteria for a standardized match for people with disabilities, noting that the ministry is working on a new disability certificate decree that will define the criteria that must be met in order to grant this certificate.

The minister added: “The type and severity of the disability needs to be determined, as well as whether it hinders social inclusion,” saying that it is unacceptable for a person to participate in a single match for people with a disability just because they have broken a finger.

Hayyar noted that the new decree will determine the type of disability and the percentage of its obstacle to social inclusion, noting that some individuals suffering from minor problems can participate in regular matches.

On the other hand, speeches by a number of parliamentary councilors called for the need to abolish underage marriages and to attach special importance to the family.

In this regard, Confederation of Democratic Labor Parliamentary Counselor Fatima Askag called for a ban on child marriage and urged the government to fulfill its commitment to the elderly.

The Parliamentary Counsel inquired about the fate of the “decent income” grant received under the state program – cash benefits for people aged 65 and over who are in a vulnerable situation.

Azkag indicated that the government has promised vulnerable elderly people a grant of 1,000 dirhams, the first part of which will be paid from the end of this year.

In turn, parliamentary adviser Mustafa Dahmani, a member of the Social Justice Group, asked if the government had withdrawn the “decent income” grant; While the Minister of Solidarity, Social Inclusion and Family confirmed that the government attaches great importance to the elderly and is exploring the possibility of providing grants to people who care for them.


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