June 2, 2023
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Hesport – Abdullah AlaviMonday, April 3, 2023 – 11:29 am

Members of the Wydad Sports football team have criticized high ticket prices for Wednesday’s Pro League 21st round derby between Ahmar and Raja Athletic.

The parliament of the “red” team, in a statement to him, said: “It is no secret to any of you that the flow has reached a bottom line among the Widad masses in particular, and the Moroccans in general, from the size of favoritism, which our next opponent took advantage of, sometimes offering material gifts , and sometimes other gifts in kind, such as changing committee decisions.” Rumor has it that he is independent, and sometimes bypassing administrative problems.

The post added that “the closure of Site 6 at the Mohammed V complex, which is – usually and usually – for fans of the Wydad Sports Club in derby confrontations, and a corresponding complete disregard for any attempt to adjust the scale and balance between the two sides by closing Site 7 to ensure the principle of equal opportunity, and then exaggerated price increases.” was taken by the Kingdom’s senior economists as a failed attempt by two failed managers to use the Wydad fans’ love for their team to provide enough liquidity to pay wages and bills and bring water and electricity back to normal. activities that replace fuel. It is thrown into a blazing fire, and we do not know how far its flame can spread if it is ignited and its sparks fly.

And those involved in Vidad called on those responsible for Casablanca’s football affairs to reconsider this decision, which they considered “strange”.

In conclusion, the Parliament of Widad said: “Through this message, we will remove the responsibility from our shoulders and create an accurate and concise anatomy of the current situation, as well as possible development paths in accordance with each decision taken, and we are all confident that the rationality of officials and their concern for public interests will be above all narrow considerations.

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