March 25, 2023

Yemeni Foreign and Expatriate Affairs Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak reaffirmed his country’s position on Saharan Moroccanism.

Yesterday, on Tuesday, a Yemeni diplomat considered that “any solution to this artificial conflict can only be within the framework of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Morocco.”

The Yemeni Foreign Minister expressed the desire of the Yemenis to continue supporting Morocco and raise their voice in international forums. He also noted Morocco’s outspoken position condemning Iran’s interference in the Arab region.

Mayara expressed Moroccan appreciation for Yemen’s official position in support of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco, emphasizing its contribution to strengthening fraternal relations between the two fraternal countries. Maiara also warned of the danger of terrorist and extremist groups and their danger to the security and unity of the Arab countries.

In my capacity as Chairman of the Council of Consultants, reaffirming Morocco’s firm position on all peaceful efforts to ensure the unity and territorial integrity of Yemen, and to meet the Yemenis’ aspirations for security, peace and stability.

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